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Thinking of harming yourself or others? Read this NOW!
Published on: January 17, 2011 |

Thinking of harming yourself or others: Read this. By: YourWebMom
If you have thoughts of self harm or harming others, read this
Disclaimer: YWM is not a licensed counselor (nor does she play one on TV), but she DOES know when it’s time to seek outside help.
If you have thoughts of self harm, or of harm to others, it is ESSENTIAL that you reach out for help NOW!
Call a friend and ask him/her to take you to the hospital (preferably one with mental health experience).
If you cannot reach a friend, go there yourself. NOW!
If you have a mental health counselor, call him/her and follow his/her instructions.
While you are doing that, here are some TRUTHS to think about, to replace the lies you are believing right now:
·         Do you want to harm yourself/others, or do you really just want to be happy?
·         What lies from the “dark side” are you believing? The evil one wants nothing more than to claim your life. Do not let him win!
TRUTHS you can count on:
·         TRUTH: God loves you, whether or not you FEEL that He does.
·         TRUTH: Emotions and feelings lie! Although emotions are given by God, they are tainted by our fallen world. Emotions that are not filtered through God’s Truth will lead you astray. Grab a Bible and start reading in Philippians. (especially Phil. 4: 6-8)
·         TRUTH: Your self-worth MUST come from God, not from others.
·         TRUTH: You (we all) live in a fallen world. It will NEVER be perfect here. Deal with it. Life is one long series of challenges.
·         TRUTH: Things will NOT always be like they are today. Life changes. People change. Things change. You change. You CAN change. Those are TRUTHS.
·         TRUTH: Your life is NOT your own. It belongs to the God of the universe who created you. You have no right to take it. (Psalm 119 )
·         TRUTH: Self harm is the ultimate act of selfishness. It leaves all your baggage with those you leave behind.
Peace and serenity CAN be yours…But only through a personal relationship with your creator. Spend some time in the Truth Room for more insights into how you can have that relationship.
God bless!
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