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These Seven Books Will Change Your Life! By: YourWebMom
MUST READ!! These books will truly change your life for the better.
Make it a goal to read them this year. ~YWM
1.     The Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss (The concepts are valid for men and teens too!) YWM is absolutely certain that YOU believe most of these lies!
2.     Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee. Cure insecurity and self-worth issues forever!
  1. Life's Healing Choices: Freedom from Your Hurts, Hang-ups, and Habits by John F. Baker Jr. Time to jettison all that baggage you carry around!
  2. Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall. Finally, get rid of your resentment and unforgiveness—once and for all! Awesome!
  3. Failing Forward by John Maxwell. This will give you a whole new (healthy) perspective on failure. Love it!
  4. 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change by Mary Kay Mueller (versions for teens too!) Secular perspective, and great views on gratitude.
  5. The Bible (If you are new to this Holy Book, start with a modern translation or paraphrased version, and begin in the New Testament. The Book of John is a good place to begin.)
 Check prices on Amazon.com. Enter Amazon through YWM (link below, then search for the books you want). When you do, a portion of YWM profits goes to causes that benefit women.
What books have changed YOUR life? Comment or go to the Forum.