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Published on: January 26, 2011 |

Give Your Stuff Away and Save Big $$ on Taxes By: YourWebMom
Did you know you can take BIG tax deductions when you donate your used stuff to charity?
YWM has saved THOUSANDS of dollars over the years with this program:  TurboTax’s "It’s Deductible" is VERY
comprehensive. You can access it free if you do your income taxes on TurboTax.
The site says you can set up an account for free. There’s also a toolbar you can download to keep it fresh on your mind and keep track of your donations all year long. YWM just jots them down on a legal pad. Include the condition if you want.
There are other programs:
Select your geographic area.
Money for Your Used Clothing
Tracks your cash and non-cash donations over the year and promises at least $250 tax savings.
But I was unable to get some of the pages to open. Check back later in the tax season.
These are for taxpayers who itemize. Always consult your tax advisor if you have any questions. YWM is not a tax professional, nor does she play one on TV.
By: JLPamela

Update: The link is now working.